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Our class creates an "Interactive Notebook". We answer questions, write about story prompts, and create anchor charts for our weekly skill based on the Journeys Reading series. The students cut and glue, then complete the assignments or take the notes on the topic. I made slide shows of the teacher example notebook so you can see what the pages are supposed to look like.

Digital Student Text Book

*The Notebook page numbers may vary depending on the way the students put their work in order.


Teacher's Pages for Beginning of the Interactive Notebook

Table of Contents Handout (printable)

Smart 7 Handout (printable)

Writing Handout (printable)

Editing Marks Handout (printable)

Choosing A Book Handout (printable)

Idiom Skill Handout (printable)

Simile Skill Handout (printable)

Metaphor Skill Handout (printable)

Unit 3 Lesson 11 (p. 326)

Teacher's Pages for Lesson 11

Lesson 11 Questions Handout (printable)

Visualize Skill Handout (printable)

 Unit 3 Lesson 12 (p.358)

Teacher's Pages for Lesson 12

Lesson 12 Questions Handout (printable)

Fact and Opinion Skill Handout (printable)

Fact and Opinion Sort Handout (printable)

Unit 3 Lesson 13 (p. 392)

Teacher's Pages for Lesson 13

Lesson 13 Class Work Handout (printable)

Draw Conclusions Skill Handout (printable)

Draw Conclusions Practice Handout (printable)




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