Internet Safety Rules

1. Please do not give out any information about yourself like your address, phone number, any information about your parents, or your school without your parent's permission. If anyone asks you personal questions while on the internet, tell your parents right away.

2.  Tell an adult right away if you find information on the internet that makes you feel uncomfortable.

3.  Don't agree to meet with anyone you have met online. If someone on the internet asks to meet with you, tell an adult immediately.

4.  Never send someone or publish a picture on the internet without asking your parents for permission.

5.  If you get a message that makes you feel bad, don't answer it and tell your parents or another adult.


6.  Don't give out your password to anyone, except your mom and dad.
7.  Discuss the rules for going on the internet before logging on. Together your family can set up time limits for internet usage and where you are able to go while online. Follow the rules in order to stay safe online.


Visit the KidsHealth website to find out more about protecting your family on the internet. Click HERE to go to the website

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