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Mrs. Carter's Class Rules

     Our class follows these basic rules to help us achieve our academic goals and objectives. They are aligned with our school's expectations: Focus on Integrity, Respect, and Excellence (F. I. R. E.)! They encourage the students to treat other people the way they want to be treated.  When the rules are followed, everyone wins.


Leader in Me

     Our school is a "Leader in Me" school. The Leader in Me is a innovative, school-wide program that enables teachers to unleash a child's full potential by teaching leadership using the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

     We start teaching the habits on the first day of school. After all the habits are taught, we use them everyday. Showing leadership is an admired quality. We concentrate on reinforcing these positive traits.



      Discipline is a necessary part of the classroom. I try to be very consistent when giving consequences. Our school requires that every student have their ID and "Fire Card" with them at all times. Any teacher can ask for their Fire Card and sign it. The fourth signature equals a consequence. The consequences build on each other. The card is only for minor issues. Major discipline problems are sent to the office.



     Students will receive different rewards at random times for several reasons. For example when he/she is observed practicing the habits, the student will be given a "Good Dragon" card. A Good Dragon is a slip of paper saying which habit the student was using. The student places the paper in a box in the office for a drawing on Fridays. Other rewards can range from small things likes stamps and team points to prizes.


Team Reward System

     Synergy Celebrations are given when each team earns 50 points. Synergy Celebrations consist of students bringing drinks and snacks from home and celebrating with their team.

     The teams receive points for good behavior, participation, and doing homework.

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