Mrs. Carter's Class Rules

16-17 Class Syllabus

     Our class follows these basic rules to help us achieve our academic goals and objectives. They are aligned with our school's expectations: Care about others, Use good manners, Be responsible and safe, and Show school spirit (C. U. B. S.)! They encourage the students to treat other people the way they want to be treated.  When the rules are followed, everyone wins.



      Discipline is a necessary part of the classroom. I try to be very consistent when giving consequences. Our school follows P.B.I.S. (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports). Minor issues will be given a Minor Referral to be sent home and signed by parents. Major discipline problems are referred to the office (Major Referral). Four Minor Referrals equal a Major Referral.



     Students receive "DoJo" Points at different times for several reasons. For example when he/she is participating in class, the student will be given a "DoJo" Point. A "DoJo" Point is a point on a website called Class DoJo. The students are able to get candy and other rewards for every 10 points they earn. At 100 points, the student earns a "Homework Pass" and the points are reset.


Team Reward System

     Team Celebrations are given when each team earns 100 points. Team Celebrations consist of students bringing drinks and snacks from home and celebrating with their team.

     The teams receive points for good behavior, participation, and doing homework.

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